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B234 swap instead of B235

Well, after burning an stock 9-3 AERO B205 engine back in 2005, I recently managed to do it again...B235 engine almost fucked...the bearings on the crankshaft and engine block (3rd point, I think) were not enought oiled and died...taking with them a connecting rod!
Initially, I thought the pistons are fucked! And after some initial tryes with JE, I went with Wossner Forged Pistons.
But the main problem remains...I kill engines because of poor lubrication.
Now, I have decided to switch to 5W-30 and a bigger oil filter, but the main problem remains: bigger torque and revs...bigger work on the joints of the engine.
My mechanic, whom I 110% trust (he can make even a tank to go), said he will delete my balance chain/shaft (don`t know exactelly what he`s talking about).
But then, he said: "If I would have known what you are going to demand from this tuned car, I would have searched for a B234 block!
This idea, together with the ideea that the connecting rods of B234 are wayy better than the B235 connecting rods (actually, good as Verdi forged connecting rods) made me really think of a B234 swap instead of my B235 current engine.
Well, guys, what do you think/advise? I understand the B234 engines are virtually indistructible, made from the very beginning reliable for more than 400 HP...
beside the engine block, what else would I need (I already have the T5 cams). Will the pistons fit?, etc...(just to know what should I get into my budget)!
standing by!
Lucian (from over the Ocean)...

P.S. valuable info!
Originally Posted by mike saunders View Post
Here are all the parts you'll need for the B234:

8822033 Cylinder Head Gasket Set
8822041E Valve Cover Gasket
9173576 Oil Pump Seal
9130600 Oil Pump O-Ring
9131145 Timing Chain (Endless) !
9145376 Timing chain guide (tensioner)
32000421 Chain Guide
9113937 Turbocharger Gasket
9145418 Main Bearings Set

From, or
75-88-783 Thrust Washer Set
02-69-304 Rod Bearing Set
9145459 Connecting bearings

Add new piston rings (get these from Saab, not from thesaabsite)

Total parts cost is about $350. The engine might cost $350-450....

If you've already bought a B235R engine to rebuild, then you'll need forged pistons ($600) AND all the things mentioned above.....
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