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Originally Posted by saabguy
dude, he's 16, i had a fast car when i was 16 and totaled it because i liked to go fast, it is MUCH better to get a non-turbo car when young then save up for another car with a turbo, or if you love your baby to death, do a motor swap, but he does not need a turbo just now

also, like burnsside and blaque out said, the car does need some tlc, and will take a little bit to get it road worthy, but trust me, you will be much happier with it after, than if you got a car that was ready to go, espcially if you do it yourself, more satisfaction.

as for the system, i'ev got a really nice one in mine, cost about 1,200 total, and installed it all myself, i think you'd like it, i'd discribe it more if you want

welcome to the site by the way, and where are you from?

You pretty much took the words out of my mouth in regards to the turbo, I know I'd kill myself. I'll be going fast enough as it is in a N/A! Location wise, I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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