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2002 9-3 Price Idea?

OK, in an earlier post I asked about the reliability of this model (but used incorrect mileage) and have yet another general question.

What kind of price should a 2002 9-3 SE, automatic, 93,000 miles 9-3 bring?

There was side damage to the front-side of the car and it now has a "R" title. Everything was fixed and condition-wise, looks great. My indie mechanic now owns the vehicle and has checked it out and is quite happy with the rebuild and the running condition. Even though it wouldn't come with a warranty - my mechanic would treat me fairly if something related to the "R" title was later discovered.

Anyway... he's asking $4500 and I felt that to be a little high for a "R" title vehicle. The car is currently registered and inspected in Pennsylvania. I have never considered a salvage title before and am a bit skeptical - but if I could negotiate a fair price - I may consider.

Thank you,

Rick M.
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