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Thanks for your input everyone. I've read the post where you convinced the guy to get the turbo, unfortunately not 'everything' is in my hands. I'm 16 and this is my first car, so I'm stuck w/ what we have in this Saab. And for those wanting more information - it's a red manual, clean as can be outside and in... just not in such mechanically sound shape.

"System" wise, that's what i'll be putting my personal money into, my parents are paying for the saab, and w/ the repairs done are hoping to spend ~4000. I have about 1000 saved up that'll be going into the system for sure, and I'm spitting out some of my own cash in order to get 17s and better tires.

Hopefully I'll have this car soon! Just got a digital camera also so you guys can expect PLENTY of pictures !

And in regards to the turbo... as tempting as it is, I can't afford it - plus with it being my first car, I'd just kill myself!
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