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they are the dealer right near me....bunch of assholes actually. They gave my wheels curbrash and denied it. Then i argued with them for like an hour straight and they said they would touch up the wheels when i came in next time and they detailed the car which was nice but the wheels werent cleaned up at all. they were clean but not fixed, they still had damage. They were scratched and they still got blue paint on them from the lifts they use for parking. i would not trust them....thats all saab stuff anyway, i really dont think they even sell that stuff for the prices they ahve listed up there usually, so they are tricking you into buying taht thinking your getting a better price...but it could be right. Im just saying that cause i have heard you can get viggen intercooler for around 155, and eeuroparts sells the bosch bpv for 49, so if ur taking off 30 or so for each thing i bet they are still making money.....but im biased against them so dont mind me
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