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Pedaling home without a MAP Sensor

Sargent was kind enough to lend me his DI cassette for the ride home from Carlisle. It solved one problem stuttering in first and when you get on it. Going up a hill I leaned on it and then things went to a hell in a handbasket. Lost power and could only do MPH and then pedal it up to 50 or so, but no power.

Almost lost it getting on 15, no power and rode the shoulder until I could get to a flat spot. Had CELs and all sorts of fun. Changed the DI and pulled the battery cable to reset the ECU. Checked the obvious vacuum hoses.

No power was able to pedal it home with out stalling, figure about 75 miles or so.

Got home and then there was black smoke coming out of the tailpipe and CELs, and stalling in the driveway. Decided to leave it, and get dinner and sleep on it. I needed the car in the morning for another journey so kinda stuck. Son's car is down, wife's car sticker expired, Son/Daughter had the SUV, and Son had the SPG keys, so SOL.

Got up the next morning and figured that it wouldn't hurt to relook at it fresh. Did the manual ECU codes, pulling a 2 and a 6 (MAP and O2). Still ran like hell. Started with the vacuum hoses again and the one from the throttle body to the MAP sensor (on the firewall on a 9000) had blown off Connected it and decided to disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and make breakfast.

Started it up and CELs were cleared and running like normal Went to Waldorf MD and made it back with no problems.

I've zip tied the other connections, since I've not had this kind of power in the car, didn't have to zip tie the MAP hose. Hopefully no long term damage to the CAT etc.
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