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Another Trans Bites the Dust

Yeah. My kill total for C900/99 transmissions just reached 5 tonight.

After putting about 1500 miles on the 99 Turbo around home I decided that this would be the week I would drive it up to Mankato. I made it to Owatonna without any major problems and that's when the trans. decided to lock up.

Now the first 3 transmissions I killed were defianely from abuse.

Example: "I can cut shitties in reverse which is 10x cooler than in your Camero." scenario.

The last 2 on the other hand were different and both were the ZOMG uber-strong 78 Turbo trannies (I beg to differ).

Basically come to a stop after driving in 4th gear, shift into first, let the clutch out as normal, car shudders like you're having serious wheel hop, shift into neutral and tada you find the transmission is stuck in 4th. You can "shift" into all other gears except 3rd and 4th and all that happens in binding like there are 2 gears engaged at once.

I have a pretty good feeling the problem involves the pin on the 3-4 shift fork stripping and allowing 4th gear to stay engaged.

Has anyone else with a few transmission kills under their belt have this scenario happen?

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