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Originally Posted by AutoXer01 View Post
yes they are a different bolt pattern, but they do make 5x112 17's but in an odd offset or something I have to double check that. The price I got quoted from tirerack when I called was 473 each...not bad considering what they are. I'm sure I could just get an adapter made for the correct bolt pattern??
wobble bolts would work fine. but the hubs are different, and you cant go from big(saab) to small(vw/audi) thru an adapter, at least i dont think you can(someone correct em if im wrong).

meaning youd have to bore them by a guy in a machine shop.

itd be a lot of work, id keep looking for something for a volvo, cause they have a 5x108 pattern adn jsut wobble bolts are needed i believe.
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