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Thanks, Randy, but it's all taken care of - the car died just as I got onto Rte 93 from Rte 95 - managed to get it onto the shoulder (which in Mass is a travel lane !) I had just popped the hood, and checked the fuel pump fuse (wishful thinking !) and there was already a Mass state trooper behind me ..... He had a flatbed on the scene within ten minutes , and they got me off the road - called a second flatbed to get me back to RI. AAA came through - the second flatbed was there withing 15 minutes. Took the car to ConnTech in Warwick, RI - Mike Connelly and his crew had the car back on the road by Friday afternoon. He'll be at Carlilse - he's done some great work for me in the past, also.
Now I just need to get back up to Framingham for the Genzyme interview !
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