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my 2 cents:

What i thought:
As a pro tuner with access to dynos ect one should have a fairly comprehensive library of ready made tunes for almost all combinations that are out there.

What i got even with just stage 3:
Tunes that did not work. Tunes that worked only on WOT. Tunes that adapted all to hell. Fuel-cuts ect.

This to me is something i cannot understand, if you have access to equipment that allows you to run a full mapping with different load points across the maps, why isn't this done. Why is the fuel mapping incomplete, and why aren't the airmass axes on any of the pro-tuned maps i've seen changed?

a 477bhp tune with fuelmap that caps out at 1300 cannot be good.

Instead i've taken the time to try and understand how the t7 works, work with the suite and gradually build up the tune my self. The ecuproject community has been a great help here. Currently i'm running pretty nicely around 1400-1500mg/C as requested with no major hick-ups apparent. Next on the agenda will be the next step, to modify everything to a 1600mg/C range, it will take time but so did the engine rebuild and all the other mechanical work.

br, lekonna
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