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Originally Posted by PaulH View Post
Thats what I get for posting this late at night!

I can say from experience that BSR T7 tunes seem to be way on the agressive side, borderline dangerous. They seem to like to jack everything way up, and crank DOWN the knock sensitivity. Makes for either a very quick feeling car that blows up eventually, or a very inconsistent car that makes a different amount of power every time you go WOT.

Read up on and tune it yourself!

well, unlike some people in that thread who are bitching about how they cannot find enough info and how its not easy enough, i will not bitch. i would rather pay someone an amount of money and get it done correctly. I like working on my car, when it comes to changing exhaust, intake, intercooler, audio work, turbo... but when it comes to tuning i dont really want to mess around with that. leave it to the professionals is my take on the matter.
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