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Originally Posted by Raven18940 View Post
Have you seen a properly tuned T7 with standard pistons put down more than 400 hp? Cause if you have I really want to see it.

I agree that a bad tune can break pretty much any engine. I also think, and this is just my opinion, that a lot of the failures we see with stock pistons are related to fuel issues. I think most stage 3 aero tunes are pushing the stock fuel system beyond it's safe limits. The first line of defense the T7 has against knock is fuel enrichment, extra fuel capacity is an absolute must in my mind.
2871 will not put down 400hp. this turbo as such is almost beyond ridicilous with the limited turbine of the 28 that will create huge back pressure to the system and it will be mostly exhaust pressure driven system right from the spool up. So in this light i might consider the pistons on this application.
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