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Originally Posted by Robgrover View Post
I am going to be upgrading my 03 Aero to a GT2871r turbo... we are not entirely sure about the fuel injectors and fuel pump at this point.

what are the stock injectors rated to? what is an option for an upgraded injector that will drop in? is there a drop in higher flow fuel pump, or is it even really needed at this point?

Sorry, just a little unsure about what the stock stuff can handle.
Hi, nice to see some non std turbos flowing in to the 9-5s as well.

Are you going to use the stock exhaust manifold?

As for your questions, i'd say that you need to upgrade your injectors to the 630cc siemens deca. For your 03 aero it is quite a straight forward swap, you need few spacers to where the fuel rail is connected to the intake manifold but thats about it.

Then you also need a tune for that particular combination.

The disco-potato is going to ge you around 350hp so i'm not quite sure about the need to change the pump. If you do want to upgrade that as well i think the walbro 255 is bit more tuner friendly setup. You can see the changed required for the bosch 044 on my thread. Though the walbro will be noisier than the bosch, you can clearly hear that pump inside and outside the car.

Aero having the 240mm clutch by default might just cut it without changing it as long as the tune is not nuts.
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