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What rattles(dont think its the timing chain though)

It sounds like something between a rattle and a scraping sound, not terribly loud, but i can hear it when idling inside the cabin, less so outside, but its there.

When I'm outside my car I can hear it from the left (drivers) side, which leads me to believe its probably not the timing chain. I think its coming from the front of the car (away from the firewall) and from somewhere in the middle there, left(more towards driver's side) of the engine block.

When I am standing with the hood closed, I can vaguely hear it from the driver's side, and barely from the passenger's side.

Also, it varries in loudness (as far as i can tell).
sometimes it'll be loud enough that I randomly notice it, and then I'll go a week without noticing it (and i pay attention to every stupid sound that car makes)

It should also be noted that I can barely hear it with the hood open b/c the actual engine is louder than the sound from the outside, however it is very clear when I'm in the cabin.
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