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So I bought a Magnaflow muffler and a nice viggen lookalike tip. for my 98' 900s convert. and i'm stuck in a weird situation it's really loud inside the car (i'm guessing because it's a rag top) but out side it's not that bad, ideally I would want it a little more discreet but I could probably get used to it. Maybe some of the younger guys might think it could even be a little louder but I'm 32yrs old and the last thing I want is some kid in a honda or acura pulling up next to me wanting to race (remember N/A engine). The reason I bought the thing was for the nice tip and hoping to get a deeper exhaust note, it's not a cat back system so I wasn't expecting any performance gains but the stock exhaust which ways a ton! just looked & sounded pathetic!

Just wanted to find out if there is anyway to tone down the sound of the exhaust?
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