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stupid questions about turbos

Im quite lost as far as turbos go... so im going to just ask everything i can think of and see what everyone knows.

i have a 99 viggen and i want a new turbo, Whats the best one to get? Im not looking to spend THAT much but i do have 1,500$. I want to go far with this viggen so i want a nice turbo but i also dont want too much turbo lag. Where can i get a new turbo and if i did get one how could i get it installed? what would be the benifits of getting a bigger turbo VS boosting really high on the one i have. Would i need a new ECU to get a new turbo?

Sorry to sound so stupid and im sure your all tired of stupid questions like this but i cant find this stuff and alot of its personial oppion. What do you think i should do!?
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