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I've done a little ice racing. I ran in the Street Legal Unstudded class with AMEC ( once last year. That's a good class to start in but the course can be crowded Some friends of mine run just about every ice race that AMEC puts on in their C900s. I may run my 99 in one of the studded classes this winter just for fun (not looking for any good finishes).

I've been to one of the Jaffrey ice races once a few years ago. There were a number of C900s and 99s running. Its more of a roundy-round full contact race so I didn't want to run my 99 rally car in that.

The Boston region of the BMW Car Club of America runs ice races (open to all makes) in central NH, usually at or around Newfound Lake. They're against the clock, one car at a time so you don't need a roll cage and don't have much chance of damaging your car. That's a great place to try out ice racing due to the minimal equipment needed and the fact that there is nobody else that can run into you.
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