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Driving gloves? Ooooo, sixties!

Oil - Use Mobile1 synthetic. That´s whhat in it when you buy it.

Washerfluid - In Sweden Turtle Wax has an additive, "Super sight" which is very good, removes insects and other stuff as a breeze.

Headlights - I usually goes for GE "white-stuff". But, the whiter the light, the shorter their life.

Tires - Previously I have been running on Michelins. Now I have Continental Sport Contact 2 (standard mounted on many Porches and other high-performance cars). Exellent handling!
My father is running on Continental Premium Contact. Also very good tires, it reached top markings in many tests, and cheaper than Sport Contact 2

Octan riser - not yet tested any

Oil filter - just use original
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