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Coolant Leaking (slowly)

I am brand new to the forum so be patient with me!

My 03' 9-5 ARC (89k miles) started losing a little coolant over the summer. I added maybe 20 oz overall. I checked the car as best as I could and could not see a leak. However, I took it to the dealer for an oil change last week so it could have a once-over before I took the car on a trip.

They (dealer) said that my water pump was leaking, thermostat too, and coolant had leaked and dried onto the block.... Big price tag to fix. So, I take it to the family mechanic and he did a pressure test. Same results, he said there is a leak between the head and the block. Also, a big price indicated.

Has anyone else had this trouble? Is is common?

I checked with SAAB USA and there weren't any specific warranty citations or recalls regarding this.

Any help is appreciated-
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