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1.) For the cleaning of the carpets do the above and also check out This is the largest online forum for car detailing enthusiasts. It should help you out with anything you need.

2.) You can try one of the pop a ding's, not too much to loose here. Just read the directions until you understand what you are trying to do. I mean like get the whole process. This will help you to make sure you don't mess it up and make one dent into three of four smaller ones.

3.) Just take the reflector out. Say it fell out or something.

4.) Just clean it the best you can while its on the car. They never stay clean for long anyways. Do you have a leather one? or the crinkle cut-rubber kind?

5.) Just check the bulbs. I beleive the plastic light covers just pop out.

6.) If you have sratches that are not through the paint, just in the clear, than they are fixable. Again, check the autopis forums. The best way is to use a product made by Poorboys caller super swirl removed (SSR). They are made in grades: 3, 2.5, 2, and 1. Three is for the most severe swirls and scratches. The optimum application is with a porter-cable random orbital with buffer attatchments. If you don't have one they are only $100 and are very well worth it. You would start with a cutting pad with 3 or 2.5 to get the swirls out. This leaves a light haze. You then use the 1 on a finishing pad to polish the paint to like new. Then apply your favorite wax. It takes some practice and patience but its very satisfying.

7.) Use special engine only degreaser in certain spots and lots of detial work with brushes and rags. Again, consult autopia.

And the SSR will take car of your water spots as well Dan.
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