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Project CTS-V Brakes

The V now stands for Viggen.

I'm planning on using Volvo S60R rotors(the calipers are the same as the S60R). The rotors have hats that are a little deeper than the Saab ones and have the same hub bore. 5x108 lug pattern

Hopefully tomorrow or by this weekend I can have the stock calipers off and to some test fitting ect. to figure out how these are going to mount up and work with the Volvo discs.

I think having the disc in further than stock(if not too far) will be good for caliper clearance and allow more flexibility in how I'm going to mount them up.

I need new wheels anyway, so I can keep my opyions open. I am avidly seeking(again) some SSR Integral a2 or GT1 wheels. I love the GT1 style, but the a2 look more like stock Viggen wheels. I'm hoping to get them in a 5x112 pattern so I can make them work.

ACBarnett, are you out there?? I need to know how your Volvo caliper project has worked for you so far!!
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