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Sorry I lost the internets for a couple of days.
The AF ratios looked pretty good at wide open and the waste gate at one bar. If anything they are on the rich side. If i remember correctly it was between 10.5 to 12 at full boost through the upper rpm band. The only time i saw it go lean was lean at low boost non full throttle. I have the 50lb/hr injectors that Jack sold me with my custom tune back like 2 years ago, not stage 4 as i said before. Stock fpr and pump.

As for the headers, not sure yet. I will see later on in the summer when I maybe make myself a stainless version. Even though i graduated I still dont have time to work on my personal stuff yet cause I am the team leader of the UMD Formula SAE team and we are getting ready for a competition in Cali at the end of June. But after that all Saab stuff.
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