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GT30 is better with a 4" intake

I know I have been absent for a while around here so I thought I would update everyone. I have had my GT3071R for about 1.5 years now and it finally made it onto the car about 2 months ago, and now that I have graduated I have time to show it off. I built my own equal length header on a jig for it last summer from mild 1.5" tubing, TIG welded and back purged. The jig was designed to position the turbo so that the original connector on the DP could be cut off and replaced with v-band adapter to avoid re-working the DP. I did this with the thought of perhaps making more headers to sell. I had the header and hot side coated by Jet Hot which turned out to be way more than I was initially quoted but well worth it. I am running a Tial 38mm external WG routed back into the down pipe. SS braided lines and AN fittings feed the turbo. The intake piping is all mandrel bent 4" aluminum tubing and silicone couplers with a KN filter tucked into the fender. It currently rubs on the hood a bit where it comes over the power steering pump because it is hitting one of the lines, just need to rework it all a little. The stock fans were replaced with a flexlite one to make room.
I blew my 156,000 miles old head gasket within 3 days of driving it.
When I replaced my head gasket I also disconnected my balance shafts and blocked off the tension oil hole with the GS block off plate. Car ran great for another 3 weeks until the other day I lost oil pressure. Engine should be fine as I caught it right away. I suspect it to be the block off plate even though the threads where cleaned and loctited. Havent had the chance to pull the timing cover to find out yet though.
Here is a link to some pictures of the entire process, I will write up the full details eventually.
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