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Inspection is every 2 years and yes I did just put the stock muffler on only for inspection. I had to buy a new OE muffler this year for inspection because my original was rusted out with holes. It's pretty easy to swap them, 2 bolts and three hangers. I have the Flowmaster muffler welded to a section that matches the pipe fittings so it bolts up just like the stock muffler. I live in a gated neighborhood and the Flowmaster was starting to get me dirty looks by the older people on my block. I think I own the oldest car in my neighborhood. . As for after market mufflers that are allowed for Saab here in Germany, Hirsch has the market cornered all by itself. Damn near 400 Euros just for thier muffler so I can have legal paper work is not worth it to me. I ran the Flowmaster all year anyway but if I wreck on the Autobahn and they do thier manditory inspection of my car, I will get [email protected]#*ed for every aftermarket piece of equiptment that I don't have GERMAN paperwork for. OUCH!
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