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haha, this is a funny post

dan you have to look at upgrading a car like you look at sex, you really love the ideas of headers, so we'll make that the creme de la creme, or home run if you like baseball, lol. you can't just jump to it, you gotta start slow, a little barry white for the airfilter, some scented candles for the intake pipe, some other romantic shit for the relocation of the intake. getting a new cat is like making the first kiss, it's scary and nerve racking, there are lots of choices, and times to go in for the kill, but make your choice wisely. exhaust systems are like building up the courage to try and steal second, you gotta move slow, but afterwards you just want to tell everyone (trust me on that one, and no, i still have stock exhaust ), doing cams is just kinda odd, and not many do it anymore, it's a lost art if you will, lol, you gotta be good with curves and have some strong muscles to pull this one off, and patients, lots of patients, while getting your hands filthy, that is, unless you pay someone else to do it... but that's not fun at all... (i'm dieing with laughter at this point). now for the headers, holy hell, the glory of them, they are right there, you look them up on the internet all the time, now the time has come. you're so nervous. you start to put the new headers on, and they slide on better than a Norm Abram fit (someone better get that), and then you're tighting up the nuts that hold it on, and you hope everything goes smoothly...

hopefully someone finds all that funny, but more so helpful, in more ways than one, lol

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