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Dan, look closely at the list.

Jak, who I respect greatly, is suggesting them to you in order of ease and cost, which is a pretty smart way to go about things. His comment about the heads not doing much "with no other mods" is right on target. You have to approach improvements from a system-wide outlook, not just a piece-meal approach.

The cams, porting, headers and compression changes are going to have the greatest actual effect, but cost the most, require the most labor, and definitely keep your car out of commission for a while. Those are also way out of your DIY comfort zone. The other stuff you can bolt on in a weekend, if not a day, and they lay a foundation for for the cams, porting, headers, etc....

All those little things -- filter, cat, cold air induction, intake -- won't do much without the heavy stuff; and the heavy stuff won't do much without the little things to pave the way. To do anything much for power in your car, you'll have to do all if not most of those things, and you should be happy to get 25-30 hp. Maybe a little more torque....

EDIT: Just saw Rob's post and I totally forgot about the throttle body and overbored block and bigger pistons. That would increase displacement to 2.5L and give some big torque numbers...
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