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Well if I was you I would just take your saab, straight pipe it. - take it to your local custom exhaust guy and have him remove the resanator in the middle of you car and your rear muffler and have him re-use the old hangers off of that. This is going to give your saab a very nice tone. now you are going to sill have your cats which is going to help you keep some of the back pressure that your n/a car needs, now taking out the muff, and resanator is going to cost like 1/10 less than some of thse overprice, mandrel bent super awesome exhaust
You can ask 80% of the guys @ mp sponsered dyno day in parker and i had the best sounding saab there, alot of the guys that paid 1000+ for thier exhaust.... they were kinda kicking themselfs in the ass when i told them that i paid less than 200 for mine and that included the $40 exhaust tip...

" dude where did you buy your exhaust"
..."man that sounds sick!"

I love straight pipes

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