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Originally Posted by aero93 View Post
just got the car about 2 days ago, 2000 9-5 aero automagic, fluid looked okay but will change this weekend in any case it seems to rev and then catch when shifting from 2nd to 3rd while under full throttle it slips at 4k to about 3k and then climbs back up,

not sure

thanks for all the help and keep it coming, by the way i dont know much about my new car so i will be asking alot!

Maybe i'm wrong here but if i remember on my '00 Aero it did that (always) when the torque converter locked up, maybe i'm reading your description wrong though, usually the revs go up when it slips, not drop.

I was referring to the 4k to 3k drop part, the slipping then catching i'm not so sure about.
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