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Dan, the next few paragraphs will likely piss you off, but there's a message to them.

What I found funny was someone who:

* has just gotten his license, yet is re-enacting the "Fast and the Furious" as the "Slow and the Mildly Pissed"
* has barely driven his car enough to know the smallest thing about it. (Your glee about the "shift up" light was priceless. If you had bothered to search, you might have seen that most people disable it as soon as they can.)
* has absolutely no clue about what's under his hood, or any hood (Are you even somewhat familiar with the principles of internal combustion?)
* has only recently learned the fundamentals of shifting and is declaring himself an expert. (Come talk to us when you can heel-toe around a corner.)
* has less general automotive knowledge than my 9 year old daughter (She has actually helped me change my plugs and could probably tell YOU the proper gap)

No, on second thought, I find that fucking hilarious.

Now....end of humor.

I know I can't speak for everyone but I'm confident that the folks here and at SaabCentral want you to enjoy your car every bit as much as we do. For us, that means learning as much as we can about them: the history, the problems, the quirks, the benefits. Your enthusiasm is good to see (it's what keeps this site so alive and vibrant), but you'd have much more success here -- and everywhere -- if you watched and learned more than you spoke and acted. I was a lurker on Saabnet for months before I ever posted anything. I chilled here for a while before offering details about the engine swap project I was doing.

...and this isn't an age thing. There are folks here who are about the same age as you and they get as much respect as anyone else because they've been around for a while and watched and learned before they spoke or acted. Period.

So....please keep posting. But just consider your words carefully before you put them down. You'll learn a lot more and folks will be a lot more willing to share information with you....


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