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MSD install on N/A 900

This is the first time I have done a how to so here it goes.

I used a MSD-6T but it should be the same for all 6 series boxes.

First locate a MSD box. You can find them cheap at parts swap meets. I picked mine up today at a local circle track racing swap meet for a grand total of $40.

For which one to get it's your preference. The one I really wanted was a MSD-6AL but I couldn't find one that cheap so I went with this 6T.

First off find a place to mount the box. They seem small in your hand but finding a place to mount ut nicely isn't that easy. The only place a found was right by the cruise control box. Now if you still have the stock honk box on the motor I don't know if this place will still work.

Once that is done you will need to locate the coil. I took out the battery, moved the power steering resivior, and took the coolant tank loose to get at the bolts. Unplug the connector and coil wire and remove.
(This pic is later in the process but it shows the area it's in, which is under the power steering resivior)

Now that the coil is in your hands you will have to do some modifying. (Looking back on what I did I think it would be easier to find a new coil wire and just replace the coil but I chose to re-use mine.) This is really a normal bosch coil like off a c900 but it has a hat on top that will have to come off. Inside the 2 smaller holes are nuts but thay are slotted to be tamper proof so the tool I used to get them off was the tips of a needle nose pliers.

Once off you will have to make terminals of some kind. I used the terminals off a c900 coil I had laying around and it worked nicely.

Ok the box is mounted and the coil is set so now on to getting the trigger wires set up. The coil connector you pulled off will have to be cut and wires stripped. Here is the part that can give you headaches, the green wire is your positive trigger wire and it is shielded. When you strip off the insulation you will find a bunch of bare shielding wires and one tiny little green wire, you want just the green wire. If you have even one strand in the crimp (like I did) the MSD box will not fire the spark. Once those terminals are on you are ready for hook up.

For the 6T the wiring was simple. 2 heavy gauge wires which are positive battery and ground, and 4 smaller gauge wires. The orange will go to coil positive, black to coil negative, white to the green positive trigger, and red to the white negative trigger. On the other boxes I believe it's identical but I don't know for sure.

After that the MSD is ready to go. Gains wise on my car I noticed the motor ran a lot smoother at idle and low RPM and when driving there seemed to be some improvement mainly with grunt off the line and top end seemed to pull a little more. I'm still playing with spark plug gap since that is one of the gains the MSD gives you which is you can widen the gap more to get a hotter burn. Right now I gapped mine to .04 and haven't had a problem yet so I'll have to get on a AFR gauge when I get a chance at school to do some more research.

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