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WTF? Battery, starter, ignition switch, other?

March is shaping up to be as much of a bitch of a month as February was for me and my '95 Aero. Yesterday I get in to go to work, turn the key, get ignition lights, turn to start and nothing. Turn the key again, she fires right up. Go out last night in the pounding friggin' rain and same thing but this time I'm fucking with the terminals and shit for 45 minutes before it finally spins the starter and fires up. I get home, shut it off and it starts right up. This morning NOTHING! Now, once again, I have all lights, buzzers, chimes, etc. Headlights are ok, but turn the key to start and just multiple relays clicking away and things buzzing in the dash that I've never heard before and that's it. It's a 3 year old Optima battery and my Fluke says it's got just under 12 volts.

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