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Originally Posted by gregabbott View Post
Boy, I'd just skip all the way to a 16-valve turbo.

I almost did that with my 99 Turbo, except that I made the decision to keep the B motor because the 99 T's are so rare. There was value in keeping the stock motor (which still needs/needed a full rebuild).

The B turbo has no knock sensor, intercooler, an asbolutely terrible water pump which is getting nearly impossible to fix, they're prone to overheating and blowing head gaskets, etc.

And you want to put a TD-04 on top of that?

Plus, I'll bet it's the same amount of work to fit it in as a 16-valve would be. I forget the list, but there are a fair amount of differences between a '73 and a '78 99.

(Oh, and BTW, can I buy your extra 99 T motor in case the guy who is rebuilding mine screws it up? I'm deeply afraid that might happen.

Notwithstanding my interests here, my advice still stands.)
yeah, these are all things i know, and that im concerned about, some more than others though, im gonna get a good head gasket, and ive got ARP head studs that should help matters. it should be a direct drop in in my car, whereas the 16v will be a bitch and a half because my car has the early style master cyl, and you basically cant retrofit the later one into the car, and from the looks of it a 16v wont clear the master cyl my car has. the intercooler i think i have a plan for, i figure if i ditch the inner headlights, and cut the crap out of the rad support, i should be able to fit a decent sized intercooler up in front of the rad since mine doesnt have fans up there. the knock sensor is a slight issue, though nutcase on SC has retrofitted one, and it doesnt look like its terribly hard to do. the water pump scares me a lot, but ive got one of the tools, and if all else fails theres the electric water pump route. the overheating thing isnt even an issue, ive seen 99ts that run hot, and its usually due to a shot radiator, do yourself a favor and buy a new one, theres a guy on ebay selling em, they work awesome. i hear they crack heads too, thats a large concern to me, but i figure if i can keep knocking at bay, and coolant temps down, that really shouldnt happen.


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