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Originally Posted by Green9kAERO View Post
now, the idea of tuning a t7 isnt as appealing as im finding that the tunes are pretty expensive... keep in mind im a teenager with a lack of funds. is it even possible to tune with a gt17, comeon ive seen that compressor, i cant imagine its not working to all of its efficiancy to produce the 170 hp the car is rated at... I thought because it was an SE i was suppose to be atleast 200hp.. depressing.
No and SE is just a styling package in 99..

But I had a stage III tune on my GT17 and it was supposed to be 260HP, but it ran out of breath at about 5K. Yo can soemtimes get a used tuned ECU for liek 350-500 ( I sold mine for 250 and the new owners old ECU) MAybe Deloean will sell my od one to you when he goes to the TD04. You can also get one of those 200 HP Saab ECUs that were sold for 10 bucks at SOC ( required no hardware) for like 100 on line somewhere. Look around on ebay..
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