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Originally Posted by Green9kAERO View Post
i was under the impression that it was a double pass job of a FMIC, u kno, inlet and outlet on the same side, or was that the 9-3/ng thing, i think it was, but idk. ether way a bigger FMIC never hurt anyone, to my knowledge..
No it is not double pass also it is not bar and plate and does not flow that well, better to upgrade. FMIC can be done pretty cheaply.

Originally Posted by Green9kAERO View Post
or would the better option be to sell it and buy a 9k aero. definatly more comfortable with the 9ks, not so scared of the heaterbox, and the sid dieing.. and 9ks dont eat the inside of the rear tires like the ngs and everything 99+.
OOO the sid dying, that's a reason to be scared???? Your talking about a swap and th estupid SID is a big worry??? Yeah if you can't read the SID you might as well give the car away... or pop th eSID and DIY fix ro spend a whole 100 to get it fixed with lifetime warranty...

ANd the heater box fix, an hour or so under the dash scare you too? and you can always take out the neg camber, the car won't be great in the twisties after that but your tires will last ( of course the will if you rotate every 3-5K oil change that'l work too...
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