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Originally Posted by Tweek's Turbos View Post
It is a good idea, but it goes against the reason we wanted to stop them in the first place.

Although its helpfull to person b, posting up the add for person b to see, now means person a, who is the originall bidder now has more competition.

Also, even posting the adds in a different way, doesn't change the fact a part could have been sold weeks ago.

I think this is silly. Buying anything is a matter of how much are YOU willing to pay for it. If two saablinkers are bidding on an Ebay item and one person wants it more, he will pay a higher price! The other person doesn't loose the auction because he didn't have the oportunity, he looses because he wasn't willing to pay enough!

I'd rather loose to a saablinker than a random stranger anyway, at least somebody in the saab community can use the item.

Plus, how is that any different than a seller posting something on the link and asking for best offer? Thats like turning a classified ad into an auction, whichg I think is jacked.

But let ebay alone. On one hand it *might* put two linkers bidding against each other, but on the other hand it might provide somebody the oportunity to buy something they really need/want at a reduced cost they might not have otherwise seen.

I know I bought one of my double three spoke wheels from an auction Mike Saunders let me know about.

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