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sounds like you now need an upgrade for that Turbo :Razz:
That wont be for a little while, i need to do some other Upgrades first. When i do a new turbo upgrade its going to be big, so i;m saving up.

I say just wait for the dyno results before we talk about that turbo needing to be changed :Wink:
As soon as i can find one in NH then i will go, i think there is one in Manch, but i will post the results when i have them.

that sounds prety nuts, lets get a video :Laughing:
I'm going to try to get a video today, i need to find a way to mount the Cam though. But it will be up today.


What kind of packaging does the ECU come with?

Do you have to buy all of the components to make it work? Or can you just buy the stage ECU you need with your car's particular setup?
Well i have bought all my other parts befor hand then received the ECU. I did not go though a distrubtor for the ECU so i cant say if some other company would offer a package deal. I i know nick has packages for T7 i don;t know about T5. My software is custom tuned from nordic ( Thanks to Robert and Magnus for all your help) kind of inbetween stage 3 and 4 thats why i just put 3+. The only thing that i did not have was a Spring for my WGA. Other then that, nothing elase came with my ECU, Except -- Well lets just watch our for Cedrics car now also.
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