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E-85 is for all intensive purposes campatible with the 9-5. and as said before with any care produced after the late 80's or i believe also an obd II car or higher. they were manufactured with the use of ethanol in mind so they replaced parts once prone to corrosion with parts that were made to handle ethanol.
also, most of the time people confuse the extreme corrosiveness of METHANOL with ethanol. methanol being the corrosive one.
the only really struggle our cars have with ethanol is the fuel mapping. the trionic 7 isn't quite able to compensate enough, so it hic-ups a little bit. as far as i understand nick's conversion is a new ecu, larger injectors and if you like other performance parts. so there are no real changing of lines, gaskets etc. they are already suitable. with nick's ecu swap you will notice a nice jump though.
the mixture isn't as much about the percentage of ethanol as it is about the octane level. typically E-85 is a (industry standard) minumum of 105 octane.
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