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Originally Posted by Aero View Post
Lendo talked to him last night and he is adjusting the mold to fit the new fogs. I think the final demensions were 2.5 inches wider then stock and only 1 inch taller.
I chatted with him earlier and we were considering working it to incorporate circle fogs...our biggest fear is that it will look like one of the older JDM Evos. Which would not work for the Vig so I need to make sure they are recessed enough.

I usually only do smaller pieces, mainly because of time and space limitations. But I can rent a portion of the MCTC (Minneapolis Community Technical College) to do some of the work, which has allowed me to work on tweaking a Vig bumper.

And no, I wont be doing more than one, it's a pain in the ass and takes too much time. I certainly understand why Kevin Yankton sold off his molds. And he was much more talented than me.
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