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I just got internets after two weeks of no TSL...i was going through serious withdrawal.

A few comments.

The wrap job looks nice, as does the paint. The paint will last about 30 seconds, but oh well. More importantly, I would say take the wrap off. Thermal wrap will warp the DP since it's just aluminized can't create those sorts of temps and expect the DP to last very long...unless you like spending $300 on a DP every month or two.

Secondly, the manifold is more important for heat flow in terms of spool and power production. Not the DP....that's post-compressor. The DP should be dumping the gases as efficiently as possible.

Thirdly, the thermal barrier should be INSIDE the exhaust tracts, not retaining heat on the outside. I would say that you'd be better served pulling the manifold, getting it extrude honed or some sort of port and polish scheme, and then coated internally with a thermal barrier like a ceramic.

But, if you do that, then you might as well get the turbo exhaust housing done in ceramic, and maybe the pre cat portion of the DP.

But take the wrap off. Believe me, it's doing very little except increasing the likelihood that the DP will fail sooner rather than later.

Just my $0.02

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