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Thar she blows! Here, as requested are pics which I managed to get from my mate (its previous owner). It went form my dads' hand to my friends' and then to mine. These were taken aboot 6 months ago. Its a little worse for wear now but it looks pretty much the same.

For those that dont know, it's a 1972 2.0L single carb 99. Its a transition model that ran for 6 months, right when they started changing to the B motor. Thats why its such an early 2.0L. Judging from the chassis number, its quite possibly the first of its kind in Aus.

My father owned it when i was a kid, and is responsible for the 2-tone paint job (the light blue bottom half being the part he added). He's also responsible for lowering the front half an inch so it sits right, and for the big aluminium air-dam at the front, which can't have escaped anyone's eyes . Personally, I quite like the air-dam. It makes the car look less boat-like. I do like the standard 99 shape, but with it tapering up from the bottom at both front and back they tend to look a bit like those amphibious cars from way back when viewed side-on. Oh, it also has ATE 4-pot calipers from a BMW 2002 on the front. They bolt straight on (with some very minor plumbing work) and seem to be a good replacement for the standard 2-pot ones.

It seems to be quite durable, which has impressed me no end. It hasnt been registered since 1998, and sat for years without use. But there is very little rust, and the engine still runs, albeit a little poorly since the carb is in need of a service and there is oil in the cooling system.

Ive planned a major restoration of this car. I want to make it a sporty daily driver without being too over the top. An engine rebuild with performance mods, custom engine bay and custom interior, and respraying it are all on the cards. Suspension and brake upgrades are planned as well. Im going to attempt to acheive 150bhp at the wheels while keeping it normally aspirated (law here prevents me from driving v8's and forced induction vehicles). They had 95bhp at the engine when they came out of the factory, so i think 150 at the wheels is fairly realistic since it is a 2L. Most of the horses have escaped at the moment though!

First task is to get it running better. This includes converting it to electric water pump (as the standard mechanical one is currently cactus). I'll eventually do an electric fuel pump as well to remove even more parasitic drag from the engine. The left rear passenger window shattered with the heat so ive got a replacement coming next week, along with a proper saab tacho (this never had one), two carb manifold with the 2 strombergs (or are they SU's?), and a reco'd radiator. Once i get it registered im going to have the engine completely rebuilt with a complete balancing, bore honing, lightened flywheel, and a ported head and inlet manifold. Ive also got oversized saab pistons ready to go in, but havent managed to source any piston rings for them yet. Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. Theyre the size between standard and first oversize. Its the honing size. The car has been treated so badly these past few years i feel it deserves a rebuild. This should freshen it up no end and make a good base to build 150 ponies from.

I think thats about it for the moment. If anyone is interested i can tell you some of my other plans (ive been planning this whole project out for over a month) and post more pics when i get them - probably this weekend.

Just a quick question, ive heard you can take the 16v head from the 9000 and bolt it straight onto a 900. Is this true? If so, can it also be transplanted onto a 99 B motor? Or are there other 16v heads that can be transplanted?

Any advice or comments are welcome.

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'72 2L 99: Project
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