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Passenger front floor wet

I have a 2009 9-3 2.0T. My passenger front floor board is full of water, as in an inch or more. I have “steam” coming out of the vents. I have tried to clean the a/c drain line but water was already dripping out of it. The leak is from the center console kick panel where the foam goes to the firewall. It isn’t coolant. Level is fine and did a pressure test. Cabin filter is new as is the seal for the box. The drain below the cabin filte has also been cleaned. It hasn’t rained in at least 2 weeks and it started last Saturday. I have a short video of it coming out of where the evaporator core is when the cover is off and up at the front of the a/c box where the blower attaches to it when I took the bottom 4 screws out. Any one have any ideas?
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