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It's update time. I've been busy with other peoples cars, and maintaining my own! We got back a couple of weeks ago from a family road trip where we put about 6k miles on the family Mazda5. It went well, thanks to the effort I put into the car before hand. New front suspension including wheel bearings, tires, oil and trans flush etc. No problems encountered!

I am most motivated by a deadline so I imposed one on myself of Aug 10. There is a local car show that day that I thought would be cool to attend. So I signed up and paid my money and hope to get things moving along.

First step was to push the Porsche into the garage and put it on jack stands:

Actually kind of a trick, it is quite low and my jack does not fit under the side jack points. I had to jack the rear up on the trans high enough to get a stand in on the back then move the jack to the side. This was a major accomplishment because I cannot easily push the car out to work on something else!

This past week I took the time to remove the clutch slave and master (no pics). The master was definitely bad, and obviously leaking. This was the main cause that it has not moved in years. The master is somewhat buried, and took a little effort to sneak it out. The slave is above the starter, which is pretty easy to remove after removing the starter. Now to order replacement parts!

PO had attempted an ignition switch replacement years ago. Lots of trim was removed around the ignition, and the mechanical key tumbler was still installed while the electrical switch portion was dangling below the dash (you can see it above in the pic of the steering wheel). I removed the seat and assumed the position to work on that only to find an old aftermarket alarm.

It had a starter kill, so the ignition wiring was molested. I spent some time removing all of that since I could not identify who made it, and did not have any remotes:

While in there, I determined for SURE that the seats used to be burgundy color. I don't know for sure the history, but I assume at some point someone changed out the upholstery to black.

I can't find evidence in the trim panels so far. They don't look painted, and the carpet is all black (assume it was replaced).
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