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Calling all NYC & Tri-state area SAAB owners!!!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a link to the GoFundMe page I started for Swedish Underground, SAAB Service in Brooklyn, NY.

If anyone else on these forums lives in or around NYC, you've probably heard of or had dealings with Roland, the owner of Swedish Underground for at least the last 15-20 years. His landlord gave him 5 days notice before terminating his garage lease last month. During those 5 days, he had to transport 3 lifts, several customer cars, tons of parts and tools out to his home in LI. When he DOES find a suitable space to move into, it will be another enormous expense to move it all back. I hope to raise enough money to first, ensure he is able to reopen in a new space and secondly, cover the cost of moving and possibly purchase a new lift or some new tools.

It would be a real shame if he's not able to reopen, because Roland is such a great guy and because SAAB owners throughout the NY, NJ, PA, CT areas will be in a real jam without his expertise and willingness to tackle literally any problem or performance project.

Thanks for reading my post.
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