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Do you mean the ABS light? Make sure the brake fluid level isn't low, if it's not the low fluid warning lamp it is likely the control module for the anti-lock-brakes starting to go bad, which is very common. There are places online to get rebuilt ones, or you can try swapping in a used one if you can find one locally. It's the black unit on top of the ABS block with 4 torx head screws and it pops right off.

If you are handy with electronics you can try to pop the top cover off (and by pop I mean you have to pry the everliving shit out of it to get it off) and re-flow the solder joints where the electrical contacts are soldered to the circuit board. I believe all the rebuilders do when they repair them is to re-flow the failing solder joint to one of the ground pins. The power and ground leads are the larger contacts, all the other little small ones are the signal leads.
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You still don't understand. This is like trying to explain calculus to a clam.
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