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Annual update!

More documentation.... A/C delete complete, car probably weighs 1000 lbs less😁.

After replacing the steering rack the car would no longer engage 5th gear. Turned out all it needed was a shifter sleeve collar adjustment (about a 2mm adjustment) and 5the gear is back and all other gears seem a bit smoother.

Oh a couple pages back I had mentioned I got some eBay poly rear torque arm bushings. Stay away they are junk. I've been finding pieces of the poly bushings in my driveway probably breaking off when I jack up the car and suspension flex's.

Took the car out to get some groceries the other day and my sweet exhaust note changed on me. Turned out the bolts from bolt on cat had backed themselves out and I developed an exhaust leak. Ordered a set of aluminun flange gaskets and should have it fixed in no time.

I have also started tackling the dash fascia mounting tab fix and will be relocating my gauges from the pillar to where the factory stereo goes.

Lastly, I am still looking for a replacement front airflow flare Ugh!

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