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Posted this on the FB group also but might as well ask here in case someone had the same problem (this is on the 02, the 04 sold a couple weeks ago):

Haven't been able to find anything on this issue elsewhere. It seems to be mostly a problem when outside temps are lower.

Most of the time when I turn the key from engine running to lock, everything works properly with all the lights etc going off and the radio stays on until I pull the key out.

But sometimes, instead, as soon as I turn the key, the radio cuts off with the key still in the ignition, and the headlights are on (no other lights on) whether I had them on when I shut the car off or not. When this happens, the lights stay on even when I pull the key out. Cycling the key back to on (don't have to start the car, just turn the key to on and back off) returns it to normal.

Anybody run into this and fix it?
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