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Had a 2001 Saab 95SE. Bought it used with no idiot lites showing. After about 600 miles it started acting up. Also noticed what sounded like a vaccume leak. The P1141 error was diagnosed as well as P16xx (don’t remember the exact number). I bought an OBD II digital adapter to use with my iPhone.
The 2 oxygen sensors were changed and the car ran better, but still had other codes showing.
Bottom line the vacuum lines needed to be replaced or reseated. The vacuum leak sound changed, however breaking was always an issue from the day I bought it to the end when the breaks failed to stop the car within a reasonable distance on an emergency stop.
Lessons learned- digital OBD adaptors work well, if not better than dedicated equipment because their software reference data is usually updated to include new information; buy the custom made oxygen sensors made for your Saab (likely Bosch) that directly replace the previous sensors to avoid bad installations; check out all potential vacuum leaks and fix, even valve covers. Saab’s apparently have little tolerance for vacuum leaks.
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