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Welp, turns out that the code 1641 is an issue with when the previous owner had a subwoofer system installed. I kept on jiggling the harness that comes from the fusebox/relay box under the driver side dash and goes into the firewall right behind the brake pedal and then cleared the code. Took it for a nice drive last night and cycled the car on and off a few times while parked to see if the light would turn back on. Drove it a bit hard today and the light has remained off.

So the conclusion to this whole thread is as DrewP said, generic scanner will give an incorrect sensor reading for the O2 sensors. I was using a Harbor Freight scanner in this case. Code 1141 is indeed the oxygen sensor after the CAT.

Code 1641 is for an O2 sensor/Fuel Pump circuit issue.
I did get code 1640 when the mechanic scanned the car and that was for the immobilizer, ABS modules and Theft Prevention System.

Code 1640 and 1641 seem to be harness related so people inspect the harnesses for age and breaks. I'm going to get the mechanic to run another scan later on today to see if he sees those code.

The only thing I can think of as to why I received those codes is after I changed the 02 sensor, I decided to take out the old RCA wires and the power and ground cables that came with the car for subwoofer hookups. It seems as though whoever installed the power cable ran the wire through the same grommet for the harness that comes from the fuse/relay box to the engine bay and nicked a couple wires there. What I ended up doing was lifting the grommet a bit and fed the power wire through that way and gave it an extra layer of protection from getting sliced.

Other than all of this things seem to be working normally now.
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