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So went on break and the check engine light came back on but with a different error code (P1641). When I replaced my O2 sensor after the cat, I did see that the wire was pinched between the nut for the engine mount in the rear and the washer. I would have to assume that there was a short and the fuse popped for the O2 sensor. Only reason why I went to the mechanic is for him to replace the rear mount because doing that on ones back is not fun. I have done it before when doing the timing chain and the head gasket.

Looked around the forums and I see that this points to the fuel pump and the O2 circuit so I am going to take a look at those fuses.
The symptoms as to what I was experiencing does make sense though. If a circuit to the pump cannot be read and the car is able to start and run, this would tell me that the the car doesn't know when to stop feeding fuel when the car is off. I brought the car to the mechanic to scan the car since he ruined my O2 sensor from the start. His tech II gave me the information I needed. There was also a code (P1640) for the immobilizer and the ABS items. I'm starting to wonder if the relay box is acting up.
I plan on disconnecting the harness tonight after I check the fuses and relays.
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