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Code P1141 04 ARC

What's up guys?

So 2 weeks ago I decided it would be a good idea to play with a mustang and a charger while deep in the heart of Boston and I guess I was too rough on it and it blew out the retaining clips for the hard vacuum lines. I literally had no time to deal with the issue so I dropped it off at my emergency mechanic.

When Picking it up he let me know that I did have some codes on there for a MAP sensor and Thermostat before he cleared them so the check engine light may turn back on for those still.

Well I turned the car on and the light was off. When the light came on, I was down the street from work. The shop is less than 10 miles away from my job so I thought it was pretty quick for it to turn back on.

I keep a moderately equipped scanner in my car so I decided to see what exactly was causing the light to turn on. The scanner came back saying that this would be a manufacturer specific code and looking the code up (P1141) it points to the Oxygen sensor. I did a search on the net and I see that other people have had this code before as well but they are replacing the sensor after the Cat converter.

So, here is the discrepancy. The scanners live data reads is indicating that there is no signal coming from Bank 1 Sensor 1 which from my perspective means that going downstream from the manifold, sensor 1 is the sensor closest to the turbo. exiting out of the muffler. I see that others on the net are saying that it would be the 02 Sensor right after the Cat Converter which from my perspective, would be sensor 2.

I bought an O2 from advanced (Bosch 16174) which is a direct fit. I'm going to change my O2 right before I set sail for home today. This should be about a 50 mile drive from work.

The reason I am posting this is because I see that people like to talk car talk or try to provide assistance at a high level a bit too much. Coming from an IT world, high level talk just leads to more confusion and causes people to get frustrated a little too easy.

I will let you guys know what my results are after my quick 02 change.


Decided since it got a bit slower at work to spend 20 minutes to change the o2 sensor. Changed it with an adjustable and I was able to get a reading within the scanners live data read function. Cleared the code and will notify you guys later on this evening.

By the way, I realized this is in the wrong Section. Can a moderator move this thread to the correct Saab 9-5 section if possible please?


Got home and the CEL came back on. Ordered O2 for the sensor right after the cat converter. Should be in by tonight so when I get home I will be installing it and going for a cruise after I clear the light.

The same P1141 code is showing. Bank 1 sensor 1 seems to be a little misleading on paper.

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